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I have issues

Community Member

1 - my Yale door lock disconnected from my network.

2 - my learning thermostat (3g) doesn’t show up in nearby devices

2 a - when I scan the QR code it accepts and nothing happens. 

2 b - when I put in the code it accepts and nothing happens

3 - following the trouble shooting prompts, I reset the mesh router system  (netgear nighthawk ms60) and now I have to reset everything to attach to the wifi again because everything disconnected now. 

4 - my nest hubs are connected, that are far from the nest connect and mesh routers, but the nest hub that’s the closest to the connect and router doesn’t want to connect. It says connecting and “connected” on my phone and connecting on the hub but then my phone says something went wrong and my hub restarts back to the QR code screen.


thanks for any assistance.