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Is my thermostat compatible?

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I am not sure if my thermostat is compatible..


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  • It looks like it. You need to match the wire letters on the old thermostat to the Nest thermostat. For example, it looks like you have a white wire connected to both W1 and Y1. And a second white wire inserted into Y1.  Not certain why. There also appears to be a wire going from the thermostat to the screw on the right, as if it were a ground of some sort. If it is two separate wires in Y1 and W1, connect those wires to their respective labeled ones on the Nest). TIP:  AS YOU REMOVE EACH WIRE FROM  THE OLD THERMOSTAT, use small sticky labels to label the wires with their letters (e.g., W1, Y1, etc.  then take a photo after the old thermostat is removed of the wires with the sticky labels attached. Then insert them into their corresponding letter slot on the Nest Thermostat, removing labels as you go.  It should be that simple.  The one wire not used should not be used on the Nest, either. 
  • However, if that W1/Y1 is the same wire inserted to both in your current thermostat, I suggest calling an HVAC pro who has experience with NEST thermostats. 
  • There are also YouTube videos you can use to guide you. Your current system does not appear to have complicated stuff like multiple auxiliary units (humidifiers, etc), nor multiple ACs strung together.  If you have multiple ACs/heat pumps, it’s far simpler to dedicate a Nest to each and operate on a zone basis in your home.  But only if you already have separated thermostats for each system

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Hi- @CoolingWizard posted this link in response to another question. It is a thermostat compatibility checker. It looks like a great tool. He seems to be a great, terrific resource: 

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Hi folks,


Thanks for stopping by, @SASiGirl53


@Will3478, thanks for posting here in the Community forum and for showing interest in our Nest Thermostats. Fortunately, your thermostat wires are compatible with any of our Nest Thermostats and should be wired to the Nest Thermostat base as follows: 


  • Yellow wire to Y or Y1
  • Green wire to G
  • Orange wire to *OB or OB
  • Blue wire to C
  • Red wire to RC


Take note that you must remove the jumper wires from W1 to Y1 and RH to RC, as these are not needed for Nest Thermostats. Also, here's a guide for the installation and setup of Nest Thermostats.


Let us know if you have any other questions. We're happy to help.