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Let’s discuss: How has Google Home made your home more enjoyable to live in?

Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

We recently shared that the new Google Home app will begin rolling out globally to all users, including over 50 improvements and new features. You can read more in our community blog: The new Google Home: new features, global rollout and a look at what’s next


Personally, Google Home and its features have made my home a better place to live in a number of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • It's more convenient. I can use my voice to control my lights, thermostat, and other smart home devices. This means I don't have to get up and fumble with switches or remote controls.
  • It's more comfortable. I can use Google Home to create custom Routines that automate tasks in my home. For example, I have a routine that turns on my lights, plays my favorite music, and sets my thermostat to the perfect temperature when I come home from work. This makes it feel like I'm coming home to a warm and welcoming environment.
  • It's more fun. I can use Google Home to play games, listen to music, and get news and weather updates. This makes my home a more enjoyable place to relax and be entertained.


We'd love to hear about how you use Google Home automations to make your home more enjoyable and fun. Share your favorite use cases for automations in the comments below!



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I do some pretty standard stuff which is convenient and some which makes me feel safer:


Convenience wise, i use OK Google on my minis or my assistant on my pixel watch or phone to check the temperature and humidity on my Nest thermostat. Very handy not to have to go to the living room to check or change the temp. 

Safety wise, I use routines to turn lights on and off when we're away, to give the house a more lived in look.  I also use the Home app to control an inside camera which let's me check in on things from wherever I am.

We also use routines to turn lights on at a certain time even if we're home and Ok Google to turn them off by voice.  

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Is it possible to auto display camera feeds from non-nest doorbells or cameras?  I have ring secure and would LOVE to have my doorbell feed auto populated to my Google hub displays. Or from Wyze, etc.

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What I would like to know is will ADT be fully intergrated into Google Home cause there app SUCKs in comparison and no one wants to use more apps for security. I already asked them and no one in ADT knows which way is up please pleas eintergrate!

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So--We are always excited about Google and new stuff!! However a MAJOR issue concerning "Smart Home"-When ,where and how do we make or new Google "wireless" doorbell work on our NEW Sony TV with everything Google?Have a bedridden spouse and hard to get up for doorbell-sometimes Cell Phone is not available or handy-we have many packages available-have called support and they said we need a "Chrome" device?? Called Sony they said "Ohyes the doorbell will work and if you are having issues contact Google"--Please help! Thank you!!

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I use Google to play games. 

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With the advent of a proliferation of Smart Google TV's hitting the market; Sony, TCL, Hisense, Philips, Sansui Brands, is there a single Infosheet or Article touting which Nest devices supports and works directly with Google TV OS?   

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Super question!! Following as I think Google "sez" but does not walk the walk with the intergration of their Nest products to the Google TV's that are out there now--We are holding off on future purchases of any Google product ubtil they get the integration of their products into their new Google equipped TV's--


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Hi there,  why can't we integrate the use of nfc easily from Google Home???

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Is the hot water boost / control in Home yet? Will it be soon?

Major missing feature that has been asked for.