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Let’s discuss: New starters and actions for automations now available in Home app

Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

Hey everyone,


Today, you can step into action and start your day or night off right with nine new starters and nine new actions available in the Automation tab on the Google Home app. You can also set up sensors (including temperature, humidity, contact and occupancy) in the Google Home ecosystem and use them in automations.


For example automations and more details about the new actions and starters available in the Home app, check out our latest blog. 


New starters

New actions

Device is open or closed

Open / close (single direction)

Device is plugged in or charging

Pause / unpause

Temperature sensor changes

Timer start / pause / resume / cancel

Volume is muted or unmuted

Volume mute / unmute

Device is docked / undocked

Dock device (such as a robot vacuum)

Active light effect

Light effects (pulse / sleep / wake / color loop)

Lock is jammed

Reboot device

Humidity sensor changes

Set humidity percentage

Occupancy Sensing

Run software update


Let’s discuss which new starters and actions you are excited to try. Share your comments, tips, and tricks with the community below!


Community Member

Any idea when the Nest doorbell human detection will be a starter? Having a light turn on if the doorbell detects someone on the drive would be just great.

In the "Write scripted automations with the script editor" page:

under starters -> device event starters you should find "device.event.PersonDetection".  Is that what you are looking for?

So, I feel stupid. I thought I had been through everything to see if it was an option.

Just tested it, works a treat. Thanks!



Community Member

So, Google isn't going to support their own Nest Detect in "Local Home SDK" mode?  One of the most capable open/close + occupancy sensors created? (not to mention expensive for early adopters who invested substantially) 

Community Member

Can we have the support for triggers based on NFC tags and webhooks as actions.

Community Member

agreed. nft tag to start an action would be very useful.. 

I know it's not native.. but I believe that it is possible using tasker on your phone... 

or if you have a samsung phone you could have it trigger a virt smartthings switch that then triggers the Google home routine.. 

let me know if you need any help here.

Jhonatan 12


Jhonatan 12



Community Member

Great updates can't wait to try these out when they become available for me.

I will certainly try out the lights effect that will be so useful in my household.


One question,

Is there a reason why the Household routines does not have delay start under actions?

Delay start is possible in the Personal routines but not in the Household routines.



Community Member

It's about time, hopefully when these become available to me soon. I been wanting to create a security alarm with google home and thread. Now with this support I can create an alarm. Just got an Aqara P2 in my home too so this will be very useful.

Community Member

Hi everyone,

pretty excited about the new home.command.notification action.

It's not yet working and I'd like to check back if that's because it's just not yet fully implemented or maybe because I'm having some issues concerning notification permissions for Google Home.

Keep up the great work!

Community Member

Update: It's working just fine now.

One idea however: I would suggest to replace the "Automation by..." part with the name of the home that's sending the notification and place it at the end, after the body segment.

Current structure is

Notification title

Automation by Pat * Notification body

I would suggest

Notification title

Notification body * Name of Home

Community Member

اريد معلمة انجليزي ووتكون سكسية في نفس الوقت

Community Member

Bonjour de France ! Pourquoi avec mon pixel 6A je n'arrive pas à obtenir la mise à jour de la version de septembre sur le play store?  J'ai hâte d'essayer les nouvelles routines. Merci

Community Member

Es fehlt die Möglichkeit, den Nest Doorbell beim erkennen eines Pakets ein Broadcast zu starten, damit der Bote das Paket in die Box legt und nicht auf dem Boden. Also, der Trigger ist da aber die Aktion für die Durchsage an der Klingel fehlt ganz.

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Cholopuerto rico

No history 

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My Google Home app is up to date but none of these starters show up as options.  I currently have a Nest Learning Thermostat and a humidifier with a Smart plug.  I'd like to trigger the Smart plug to turn on the humidifier when the humidity drops below a certain percentage.  Is this possible?  Am I overlooking something?

Do you have a separate temperature sensor?

Community Member

Under the category of "Occupancy Sensing" my Tuya based sensor ( - I have the 24GHz wall sensors) also offers an illumination sensor so that automations can be based on Presence as well as illumination.  With this data I can create SmartLife automations where lights will only be turned on when there is presence and the light level is below, say, 100 lux (the range is 0 to 20,000 lux).  The Google Automations do not appear to have a starter based on illumination light levels.  Can this please be added?

Also, this Tuya Presence sensor has two different occupancy states.  There is one state for movement and another state for micro movement.  So moving around a room can be differentiated from being in a room but very still.  I am not sure about the value of these two types of presence but I am curious to confirm that the Google Automations will treat both presence states as "Occupied".  Should the Google Automations be updated to allow both types of presence to be individually scripted?

Community Member

Hi, we need to be able to add delays between actions in household routines. This is now only possible in personal routines, but these don’t allow for device status to be a trigger. Delays are a pretty basic automation functionality!!! Please we need it in household routines too!!! Thanks