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Lightbulb automation set up - what am i doing wrong?

Community Member

I am trying to connect my smart bulbs so that I can automate switch on / off. But I am struggling to get them all to connect. There is no consistency with which connect and which don't.


Ground floor: back room = gigacube (for wifi) and main google wifi hub. Light bulb connects and can be automated.


Ground floor: Front room = lightbulb won't connect.


1st floor: main bedroom (above front room) 1 bulb and 1 lamp on smart plug. No google wifi. Connects perfectly.

1st floor small bedroom (above back room where wifi is): Google wifi and 1 bulb. Works great.


2nd floor: big bedroom (above front room), light bulb, no google wifi. Works!

2nd floor: small bedroom (above back room where wifi is), lighbulb and google wifi... lightbulb won't connect.

I did connect all bulbs to a lamp next to the gigacube and they connected until I changed which room they were in. Some that are further away from the wifi and / or Google wifi work when closer ones don't, and vice versa. 

What am I doing wrong?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi CharlieBeth,

Thanks for posting. 

We understand your concern, let me assist. Since other bulbs are working if they are away from your WiFi there is a possibility that your bulbs don't support 5Ghz connection. Try to contact the manufacturer to confirm this.


Keep me in the loop.



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,


I hope you've got the answer you're looking for. If you're still in need of any assistance, feel free to let us know. 



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello CharlieBeth,


We haven’t heard back from you, I'll be locking this thread in 24 hours. Feel free to create a new one if you have more questions or have other concerns in the future.