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More devices being supported

Community Member

Hi everyone,

I am trying to set up a new script that lets me know when someone was at the mail box, sending me message through the new script editor. Since custom notifications have been made available, I thought I'm good to go as soon as my motion detector would arrive. Which was about half an hour ago.

Alas, I had to find out now that my new Tuya PIR motion detector seems not be supported so far. When editing the script I don't see the starter


among the list of starters available to me.

Checking back the list of supported devices I saw Tuya among them, unfortunately not the motion detector, hence said action is - so far - not supported by the device (although quite a few others such as device.state.EnergyStorage that don't really make sense to me).

What's the timeline to include more devices and make use of the inputs they provide?