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Let’s Discuss! Smart Home Automations for Pets

Hey Nest Community,May is National Pet Month in the United States! And as all pet parents know - scaley, feathery, and furry friends are very important inhabitants of your household and can absolutely benefit from the connectedness of a smart home. W...


Sleep sounds stop

I’ve noticed that the sleep sounds I select in Routines stop only an hour or so into the routine or command. I select from the google list of sleep sounds, “Country Night Sounds,” but the sleep sounds seem to have a preset 1 hour limit. What’s up wit...

Lolobaum by Community Member
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Automating Wake-up and Bedtime

I will have the TP-Link Kasa and the Nest Mini.I would like to achieve the following two routines, but I understand I cannot make it work quite like I want:Wake-up: Light turns on and evolves with sunrise (possibly offset from sunrise -- i.e. an hour...

mike_302 by Community Member
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Can you start a routine depending on the state of a smart object

I would like to start a routine in the home app if the status of a switch changes.When I create a custom routine I only have the option of starting it with an audio command , on a time basis, or ignoring an alarm.Is there a work around for this?.

NielsT by Community Member
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Is there anyway to make 'presence' only work at certain times of day? Like, turn a light when I come home but only when it is dark.

KenHenne by Community Member
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Baby Connect App

Hi All First time parent and I am using the Baby Connect app to track feeding and diapers. One of the reasons I chose this app it said it was in sync with Google home. However I can't find the service to link it to anywhere. Any help would be appreci...

Vsharm3 by Community Member
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Google home household

Hello, we just got a google home and I can’t seem to add a household member to my home. When trying to send out the invite, it says it can’t be sent right now. Help Please!

Google assistant

Hi everyone, i Installed some WiFi bulbs in the lounge, I can turn them off manually with the app and the bulbs have got the WiFi password all put in when I was setting the bulbs up but when I ask Google to turn the li go yes off it says it looks lik...

Tony1 by Community Member
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Google Nest mini continue TV command on samsung TV

Good dayI have a Google Nest mini (2nd Gen) and a Samsung Q80 TV. Both devices are linked through SmartThings. So far, the control of the TV through the Nest mini has worked great. However, as of today, the "Continue TV" command no longer works. The ...

Google Home Routines in case of power failure

If I create a routine in the Google Home app to toggle my smart bulb based on the time of day, what will happen if there's no power at my place when the time to toggle the light on/off occurs? Will it keep on waiting until it can detect the smart bul...

aviral236 by Community Member
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Google support

Just some words of caution.... As a retired software engineer and customer support specialist with over 25 years experience, and one who has also been trying to get a pair of Nest Mini Gen2 wifi speakers working reliably for the past year or so, ther...

SamInPgh by Community Member
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