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Let’s Discuss! Smart Home Automations for Pets

Hey Nest Community,May is National Pet Month in the United States! And as all pet parents know - scaley, feathery, and furry friends are very important inhabitants of your household and can absolutely benefit from the connectedness of a smart home. W...


Separate/Multiple Routines for the same thing?

Hey there, I just moved into a new holiday home, and I got google homes. I have routines set up in my original home, and I want to use them as well here, but the routines are identical to the ones at home. How do I make separate routines for the holi...

Can you put a device in more than one room?

I am hoping I am just missing something. I have 2 groups of lights in my kitchen. I control one group of lights in a room called Island, I have another group in a room called Round. What I would like to do is put both groups in a room called Kitchen ...

terri8502 by Community Member
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Google Home not showing a room for one user

Hello - I have Google Home on my phone and cansee all rooms and devices. My daughters phone is on same WiFi, can see only speakers. It doesn’t show nest camera or lights, only speakers. She has all permissions. Any ideas?

Google Home doesnt show spotify to link

hi, i need help with linking spotify with my google home, when i try to link music services it doesnt show me spotify to connect.please help.

LovroG by Community Member
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Is there some way to make a routine end automatically?

I had a routine that would turn on my porch light at a given time and then turn it off at another given time. I decided to change it so that it would turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. But when I'm setting up this new routine, I no longer see an o...

FineDog by Community Member
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Resolved! Google Assistant on JBL Link giving wrong time!

Hey!I have google assistant on a JBL Link speaker and I have noticed recently that when I say "Good Morning" to start the routine, I am getting a time zone that is -8 hours! I am in the UK, so on GMT, yet I seem to be getting PST time. The rest of th...

Presence sensing but only at certain times?

Is there any way to have presence sensing only run a routine a certain parts of the day? I'd like the house lights to turn on when I get home but only when it's getting dark otherwise it's pretty pointless. Can't see any options to do this at the mom...

maduk by Community Member
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PowerView Hunter Douglas

you guys keep closing this thread - but haven’t solved the issues!! still having problems with google not recognizing PowerView!!! also, seems like I cannot delete scenes that were added!! The google Home/assistant to run the automation is not workin...

Moxie by Community Member
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Old deleted Kasa devices still show up on Google Home

So I had to delete and re-add some devices on Kasa. I unlinked and re-linked Kasa and set up the devices. However half a dozen or so old devices no longer existing in the Kasa app still show up in Google home. How do I delete them? Unlinking the Kasa...

ccmulder by Community Member
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