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Nest App vs Google Home Appl

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Guess my biggest question is why none of the newer Google Cameras do not work the Nest app. The Nest app works great for monitoring both on the computer and the phone. The New Cameras only work the Google Home app and to be really honest the Google Home app is not a good app for security monitoring. I tried asking support and they could not give me answers. My question is, "Is Google moving away from the Nest app and if so is Google going to be updating the Google Home app to function more like the Nest App does?" As a consumer of your product and also of your monitoring subscription I really need to know because if Google is moving away from the Nest App and not changing their Home app then I may have to look for a different Service as the Google Home app is not friendly for monitoring. Please let me know your thoughts or any insights to what is happening as I love these cameras and the Nest app.


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Google did announce they are migrating lots of the most loved features, particularly camera features, from the Nest app to the Home app. More details:

The Google Home app is getting an upgrade - Google Nest Community

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Hi folks,

Thanks for the help davidking.

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