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Nest Hub Max Camera offline / does not work

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I see several other threads about this topic, but none of the solutions posted have worked. Basically, my Nest Hub Max camera does not work, and always says offline from within the Google Home app, and the Nest app. I have deleted it from my home, factory reset it, etc. several times. The camera will work fine the first time, and when I check it again a little while later, it will just show as being offline, and no amount of refreshing will fix it. 


I have another Nest Hub Max that works perfectly fine in this regard, so not sure what the issue is. At this point I would like to get this faulty one replaced.


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

If you are looking for a return authorization then you will need to contact support , this is a community channel only.  If you have not already, would suggest a full power cycle on everything, router, nest hub, phone, etc.   See if that clears it up.  Also you can try uninstalling the Google home app, and reinstalling to see if that helps as well. 

Having the same issue. Works once after reset unlinking and relinking then stops working. Horribly unreliable. All my other Google cameras work. This product was half baked and not ready for real world use