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Want to remove everything and start fresh

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I've had my Next for a while now and have made several mistakes learning to set up TV, Camera, plug, groups, etc.

I live in a studio and have built Bedroom 1, 2, 3 etcetera 

Now that I have a better clue of what I'm doing, I wanted to factory reset my nest, clear my cash on my Android, uninstall Home, then redo Google home correctly. It retained cache somewhere because when I reinstalled Home it still had all my Bedrooms. Admittedly I tried using another email as well but just cannot figure out what's keeping me from getting a fresh start.

I have an echo dot too. I started with Alexa but got tired of constantly hearing "I'm sorry I don't know that.

I have an Amazon plug I've plugged some Monster light bulbs and muli- Color strips (LED), a nest mini, Phillips Roku TV without Chromecast, plus Amazon fire stick also with no Chromecast, Roku indoor camera, and Vizio 5.1 Sound bar, finally my wife was completely deaf when I met her and she was blessed with an Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant with the Roger select and a couple other accessories that I may be able to use the speaker group and announcement features with.

What am I missing in the factory reset that's not getting my fresh start. I clear cache from Android settings/apps/home/clear cache. I hold my finger down in the center of the mini until I get the proper announcements and then uninstall home


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi @JimVerv8 

You can create a new Home in the Google Home app. This way, everything will be set up like new within the Google Home app.

Check THIS link on how to create a new home.