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Nest hub does not play Youtube Music channel

Community Member

My Google account has 2 channels: a default channel I used for videos, and a separate channel I created for music playlists.  (I have a Youtube Music subscription.)   I recently bought a Nest Hub.  When I tell the Nest to play music, it cannot find any of my music playlists.  This is because the phone's Google Home app uses my default channel instead of my music channel.

Question: Is there a way to get the Google Home app to use my music channel instead of the default channel?

Please do not suggest I make the music channel my default channel, because this would create other problems.   I would rather return the Nest than change my default channel or (even worse) combine both channels. 

By the way, this problem does not exist in browsers.  When I log into my account using a browser, Google displays a dropdown box asking me to select which channel I want to use.   I had assumed this option would also be available in my phone's Google Home app, but apparently I was wrong.