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Nest thermostat history

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I'm currently in a dispute with my energy supplier who fitted a faulty gas smart meter which hasn't recorded my gas usage for the 3 months running up to winter. They want to estimate my energy bills for those months based on my usage now the meter has been replaced which I think is really unfair. I've hardly been using my gas heating due to the rising cost of energy but now the weather is getting colder im obviously going to be using my gas heating more. Is it possible to download a usage history from my 1st gen nest thermostat past the 10 days I can see on my android app? 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Bongobasher


Your Nest Thermostat’s Energy History records how often and for how long your system has run. Energy History shows you how to make smart choices about your schedule and temperature preferences.


You can view your Energy History with the app or on your thermostat. Check this link for more details.




Hey there Bongobasher,

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Hi Bongobasher,

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