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No audio from Smart Speaker using Google home

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Hi I've got a Polk Assistant Speaker with Google Assistant, the Speaker used to work fine when I'd say "hey Google, play music on Spotify/YouTube music". But now if I say play music on Spotify or YT music, it says okay, playing music from that app, but then there's no sound at all. I've factory reset the speaker many times, unliked my Spotify from the Home app, reinstalled Home app and Spotify, cleared cache on both apps and also allowed all permissions on both apps. But still no sound, when I manually go on Spotify on my phone and Chromecast it, it works fine and so does Bluetooth. But when using voice commands it has no audio at all. Any help please?


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Wish I could offer a solution as I'm having the same problem with my 2 Polk Assist speakers, in addition to it confirming it has set an alarm, but there is no alarm set. Went through all the same troubleshooting as you with no success.

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I have the same problem and I can't even manually cast anything anymore. The problem seems to coincide with a google home update in May,

Polk Assist have advised me that the problem is related to the Home Update. Google stopped the support for streaming to certain devices that used a specific type of streaming service - the Polk Assist was one of those devices (as were many other products out there by different brands). This streaming service will not be turned back on by Google.

Unfortunately there is no 'fix' for this as it is something that Google have changed and there is no software update or change by Polk that can resolve this.

I recently purchased a Google Nest which allows me to perform the commands that my Polk speakers can no longer do. Obviously Google have done this to force people to buy their product.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone,

We understand that the issue is isolated to a Polk Assistant smart speaker. Please note that we have very limited support for third-party speakers with a built-in Google Assistant. It is best to report this to Polk support for better assistance. The integration of Google Assistant into third-party devices like your Polk Assistant speaker is different from that of Google Home or Nest speakers.

If you need help with your Google Home or Nest devices, please do not hesitate to reply on this thread, and we're glad to assist you further; otherwise, we'll be locking this thread after 24 hours.

Kind regards,