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Observations in setting up Max for a senior citizen

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I have been setting up the Nest Hub Max for my elderly mother and am finding some things that Google might need to take into account.

1) "Hey Google" and "Ok Google" seem impolite and counter-intuitive for some older people.  This is not how they would address someone or in this case something.  "Hello Google" or "Excuse Me Google" might be other options

2) I understand that this has been requested a lot previously but I will second that it would be nice to be able to rename Google.  "Excuse Me Jeeves" seems interesting!

3) In addition to my mother, I have a disabled sister who has speech issues but I think we could get Google to recognize her requests.  The only problem is that she cannot read so having her read the sentences in order for Google to recognize her voice is problematic.  Perhaps there could be a pause button whereby the caregiver could coach the disabled person as to the text to be said then hit a Record button and a bright symbol shows up on the screen prompting the disabled person to speak the coached words.  Keeping the sentences short would also be helpful.

4)There is a frustration factor as senior citizens are trying to say something like "Ok Google, would you please play a song for me by..." and Google gets "bored" and stops listening as if it is taking too long to give it a command.  I tried coaching my mother to make it more like a command to a 2 year old but again, this technology is not accounting for differences in upbringing, culture etc.   AND there are so many sites to include Google's own support pages on how this is marvelous technology for seniors, so I feel these things need to be addressed.

5) I do not know how long or if there is even a learning curve for Google, but even with me giving it relatively simple commands (I added myself to her Max) it often gave nonsensical or irrelevant answers.


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Gold Product Expert

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As this is a community forum supported by other users and community specialist's the best way of getting your thoughts, feedback or feature requests to the people that can make changes is by submitting feedback as detailed within the link below.



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Chiming in to see if you still need assistance with this. Hope the previous post helped. Let us know if you have additional questions by respondin to this.


By the way, big thanks to @Cathal_S who shared the link.