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Phillips Hue Scene not Working after Update

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I have been messaging with Phillips Hue. Both they and Google have made updates to their apps/products but obviously haven’t been communicating with each other.

Hue support had me unlink Hue from Google App, delete the app, then relink and then have to re-create all my automations. That didn’t work. Now they want me to delete all the lights that aren’t working a re-add them.

If that doesn’t work, they have asked me to talk to Google. The only problem with google is that there is no way to actually create a support ticket. Posting on the forum has not prompted anyone from google to respond. 

these two companies need to work together to solve the problem. One hand needs to talk to the other. Still crickets from google. 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Jmd946,


My apologies for the late response here. I understand the feeling when you're having issues controlling your devices. We're aware of the issue, and our team is looking into the issue at hand. Meanwhile, please try removing the scene action and re-adding it to see if you'll still have the same issue. Please make sure to do the same thing if those scenes are added to the routine.


Let me know how it goes.




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I am having a similar issue, Phillips Hue support have directed my to Google support, so I’m posting here as there doesn’t seem to be a way to make a ticket.


Details: I have 3 rooms in Phillips hue, each with the same “Read” scene configured in them. I could previously ask google assistant to “activate Read” and it would tell me that it would “activate three scenes”, and would execute correctly. Today the google assistant still says it’s going to activate 3 scenes, but it only affects 1 or 2 rooms at random. I have to ask google 2-3 times typically for all rooms to be affected due to this.

reading other related forum posts, there is a plausible theory that the combination of google’s update and Phillips update means that the Google side is sending 3 scene change calls almost simultaneously and there is some throttling (on either Google or hue’s side) that wasn’t there before the updates, which is why only 1 or 2 of the scenes gets activated. 

im willing to bet this is a similar issue with routines.

@Muddican you help?