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Presence sensing - activity vs location?

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I'm having some problems with Presence Sensing. I've enabled it on my phone and as part of the away routine, I've set it to turn off my computer monitor automatically when I leave the house (using a smart plug).

Using the activity log, I can see that the phone location is registered correctly. When I arrive, lights go on, etc. HOWEVER, there seems to be an "activity component" involved as well.
See the screenshot:


When I don't use my phone for an hour, the away routine starts due to "inactivity". Even though I've been browsing the Internet on my PC using Chrome. So, as I'm browsing the Internet, my monitor turns off as set in the away routine.
There is a setting to take my phone's location into account, but there doesn't appear to be any setting related to "activity" or "inactivity".  Even though my phone is connected to my home wifi, is located in the home and I'm actively using Chrome to browse the Internet, the away routine start because I've not used my phone for an hour. 

Is there some sort of aspect to Presence Setting that I'm missing??? Any way to fix this ridiculous behaviour? There doesn't seem to be a way to ignore "activity/inactivity" and merely use my phone's location to run a routine.


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I have been having the same problem. Incorrectly detecting inactivity isn't the issue, it's the connection of inactivity to the Away state, which there is no user control for. Regardless the feedback from connected apps, Google is the one making that connection. This is either a bug or a serious oversight on the part of the developers.

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Sorry, might be a little old of a post, but this is still a feature and needs rethinking. If I'm working on my PC at home not using my phone, that stll counts as inactivity by the Presence Sensing. I was in a meeting once, and all of a sudden, my monitors & lights turned off (This is triggered in Away mode). The first time it happened to me, I was confused to why it got turned off, I thought my smart plugs got shorted out or something.

Anyways, a presence sensing should mean that either:

1. I'm present or not present in the set range of location; or

2. Have the ability to check for smart cameras or even presence sensor if the user has one or more, select which camera / sensor to check and then do the "Home" routine; or

3. Have a focus mode or some kind, or maybe a Windows/Mac persistent app, so it don't trigger inactivity

At least give the user the option to change the timeout timer, maybe have an on/off switch for that as well.

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I was confused as well when my monitor switched off. It took me ages to find out what caused it. My original post is 8 months old and nothing's changed. I just wish they did something old-school, like: ( if phone connected to home wifi, person is home)  and skip all this activity nonsense.