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Routines dont give useful feedback

Community Member

Most of my routines control music on speakers or groups of speakers. If a routine doesn't work, often there is no feedback at all??? Other times, in a multi step routine, I get "Sorry, I cant do that yet" without any hint about which step is at fault.  These routines take programming back to the primitive 1970s.


Community Member

I understand your frustration with the lack of feedback and error messages in your routines when controlling music on speakers or groups of speakers. Routines are designed to automate tasks and provide convenience, but it can be challenging when they don't work as expected or provide meaningful feedback.

Here are a few suggestions to improve your experience with routines:

  1. Check device compatibility: Ensure that the devices and speakers you are trying to control are compatible with the routines you are creating. Some devices or speaker groups may have limitations or require specific configurations to work properly with routines.

  2. Review routine steps: Double-check the steps in your routines to ensure they are correctly configured. Make sure that the commands for controlling music playback or speaker groups are accurate and supported by the devices you are using.

  3. Test individual commands: Before incorporating multiple steps into a routine, try executing each command individually to verify that they work as expected. This way, you can identify any specific commands that might be causing issues or receiving errors.

  4. Simplify routines: If you encounter errors or lack of feedback in multi-step routines, consider simplifying them into smaller routines with fewer steps. This can help pinpoint which specific step may be causing the problem. Gradually add complexity to your routines once each individual step is working as intended.

  5. Update firmware and software: Ensure that your devices, speakers, and associated apps have the latest firmware or software updates installed. Manufacturers often release updates to address bugs, improve compatibility, and enhance functionality.

  6. Seek support: If you continue to experience difficulties with your routines, reach out to the manufacturer's support or community forums for assistance. They may be able to provide specific troubleshooting steps or insights into any known issues related to routines and music playback.

While routines can simplify daily tasks, it's important to remember that they rely on the integration and compatibility of various devices and services. As technology evolves, there will likely be ongoing improvements and enhancements to routines, addressing some of the challenges you've described.


I have over 50 years experience writing software.  All of what you say is obvious to me and requires a lot more work like coding 40 years ago.  There is no excuse for this except that google staff lack experience.