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Seeking a ChatGPT prompt sufficient to teach it to code me a light show script

Community Member

I'm on a low-effort, high-curiosity quest to program light shows for my basement karaoke performances. I understand from several years of using my Google devices and color-changing LED bulbs that I'm not going to get flashy whizbang effects. I'm just looking to change on/off, color and brightness on four bulbs according to a list of timings that aren't any tighter than a second. "Synced enough" is synced enough.

The last time I coded anything that required much brain was in Turbo Pascal in the early 90s, and I don't know if I'm bright enough any more to learn a new language. But ChatGPT is, I'm told, so I'd love to be able to feed my wants to ChatGPT 3.5 once I can tell it what it needs to know.

I think it understands what YAML is. I know there's an abundance of info here about how to write these scripts, and an abundance of information on how to teach the robot, but I'm finding myself below the threshold on the two to make it do the thing.

Human friends who grok the whole thing, what's a good prompt to smarten up the machine to write working scripts?

And, if it's not greedy of me to ask, how best to get my lightshow idea into action? I made a spreadsheet with time cues and lighting states for the bulbs.... I figure copying it over as text is reasonable to try, but with each action resulting several lines of code, I suspect GPT will get confused and start hallucinating after the first couple changes.