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Setting programme timer

Community Member

I keep resetting my thermostat timer programme and it keeps changing the programme and temperature.

All I want is to use it like an old fashioned thermostat to turn the heating on and off at a set time and be able to boost it for an hour or two when I need. 
Our gas usage has increased significantly over the last 4 years with the ‘learning’ function. We have no control any more 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello Ruth4,


I'm sorry to hear that your thermostat isn't staying at the temperature that you set. I'm sure that is frustrating, but I wanted to see how I could help.

I was able to find an article that should be able to help you set your preferred temperature, so you don't have to worry about the temperature changing.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


Best regards,


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey there,


We wanted to follow up and see if you are still in need of any help. Please let us know if you are still having any trouble from here, as we would be happy to take a closer look and assist you further.



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Ruth4,


We haven't heard from you in a while so we'll be locking this thread if there is no update within the day. If you have any new issues, updates or just a discussion topic, feel free to start a new thread in the Community.