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So much money wasted

Community Member

Very frustrated 

bought a nest thermostat and was sent the power connector as I have no c wire.   
had an electrician come to the house to help me

connect it and was charged for two hours of their work without resolution. It was difficult to find a way to contact google.   They want you just to read forums and articles. Eventually found a number and was told that I need to pay for a professional hvac service to come to my house because of the way my furnace is designed.  The difficulty in connecting to a power source (which I thought the connector was for)  
since I bought it at a retail store they won’t offer a refund even though they are telling me I may not be able to hook it up.  
very disappointed and frustrated but mostly just advising people to make sure that your furnace is compatible.  Not sure how one would do that……still


Community Member

Google has a compatability checker you can use to see if your system will work with the thermostats..

Yup. It sure does . Did that.   Clearly not always accurate

Community Member

One thing I've learned about Google is that if it doesn't work the way they intended it to work, there's literally no hope of salvation. My suggestion is to check with your credit card you bought it through to see if they have some kind of "purchase protection" and they can reimburse you for your useless product. Another option is to continue to escalate with the retail store until they finally offer you a return.