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Someone spying On me from upper portion

Community Member

Hello guys,i pray Everyone is fine,, I have a problem since 3 months,i hear sounds of my upper portions neighbours about my routine like what I am doing,where I am going,i heard in my ears and the coming sound and axent was recognized of my neighbours girl,like she is telling someone about me,i even heard whole family talking about me of my routine,2 months I was hearing this,then slowly i heard about my personal routine like I am at bed,i am at sofa,i am kissing my wife or my son bla bla,i am eating,drinking, here in winters every thing is calm and quite you can hear every single sound,My country is Pakistan,Typical cement,steel bar and Concrete made roofs,

Then,What I  started Deeply Observed:

Everywhere I go in the house I heard someone walking walking behind me in upper portion then presses a button of switch board I heard carefully and many times some walking with some kind of device with me in upper portion..

Now today I shocked when i heard that girl reading things what I am reading on my cell fone my phones is Samsung galaxy s8 no software update since 2021,they are also sharing my Wi-Fi with extra device given by company,they are very inmates,good in communicating as well but I observed is not wrong coz no one is gonna show you that illegal things they are doing,But the confusion is here how can they see me behind those brick walls and cement concrete roofs,is my phone Hacked or What should it be??

For safety all my Windows and All open places were covered already,and I always do it first

Plz guys some one help me out