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Spotify stops playing on mymy speakers.

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Hallo Team.

I do hope you are all well.

I have recently automated my house. Small 580m² house. 

I have multiple speakers in . 2 bonded in the lobby. 1 × dining room 1x kitchen 1× in my bedroom and considering adding to mt top lounge,  inverter room and other 3 bedrooms.  


However Fairley recently  my system stopped playing on Spotify and select sounds only. Logging on to Spotify I can see it playing.  No sound. Logging in to my google home it shows some strange activity.  Play and pause constantly. 


Please can someone help?


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I have the exact same issue , and my system has been working for a while

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Yes. Its kinda annoying.  I have been reading an article about your wifi connection playing games with your automation.  Its just that the Google mesh wifi is expensive in South Africa.   So next is saving up and then replace the whole wifi system and. Update everything.  Need to redo the portal.


Also need to learn more about rednode as I want to intigrate automation with my Solar PV system

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I’m having the same issues. I have several Google and Nest devices and most of the time they do not work. I really regret purchasing these products. As much as this stuff costs, I expected better quality and reliability. 

Hi Nrichardson.

Im sorry to learn about the obvious issue we both are experiencing.  Yes it is fear to be upset regardieng these issues as it is a product payed for. 


Do you perhaps have them all on the same wifi system? I have learned that they tend to give problems like these if its not or ont on a wifi Mesh system. 


Please let me know, as I believe that these platforms are to help each other and get wiser in the process.  


Have a good one. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey folks,


My apologies for the late response. I know how it feels when you're having issues playing music on your Google Home and Nest speakers. Let's try to get to the bottom of this. A few questions: when did the issue start? How far is your speaker from your router? Are you able to play music from the Spotify app? Have you tried playing music from a different music services like YouTube Music?


Let's try these steps below:


  1. Move your Google Home and Nest devices within 15-20 ft. away from the router to get enough signal from your network.
  2. Reboot your speakers and router by disconnecting them from the power source and leave them unplugged for 1 minute. Once done, plug them back one at a time with intervals.


Let me know how it goes.