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Submit feedback on Google Assistant voice commands

Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

We recently shared that Google Assistant is getting an update to improve its understanding of your requests through AI. You can read more about it in our blog post: Better control of your smart devices with Google Assistant.


If you notice any changes with how the Assistant carries out your commands, we’d love to hear your feedback so that we can refine our models appropriately. Here’s how to share reports with us:


  • Browse all posts in the Home Automation forum with the Voice Command Feedback  label to see if someone else has already reported a similar experience. If so, be sure to give it Kudos or a comment to let us know that you're experiencing it too. 


If no one else has submitted your feedback, follow these steps to report it:

  • Click Start a conversation to make a new post
  • Choose the Issue Category Voice Command Feedback
  • Write your post. Make sure to include all relevant details, including: 
    • The exact phrasing of your command
    • What you’re trying to accomplish
    • What response you get from your Assistant when you issue the command
  • Submit your post. 


We’ll be monitoring community feedback closely as we release these changes over the next few weeks, and we'll get back to you with any updates as we have them.


Thanks everyone! 


Community Member

Can we also use "Hey Google send feedback" to give feedback about any issues?

Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)

@sgardoll Great question. You're always welcome to submit feedback via your devices or your phone, and it will be reviewed. That said, as it relates to the recent updates to Google Assistant, we recommend sharing feedback in the community via the label "Voice Command Feedback” since these posts are routed directly to the right team so they can refine their models appropriately as they release these changes. By posting in the community, we’ll also be able to get back to you and respond when applicable.

Community Member

Can Google roll out an update so that my Home devices quit giving me suggestions and tips? I submit feedback every time, it's been going on for years, it's a KNOWN issue among users, and it makes me want to burn all my Home devices to the ground

Community Member

I've been submitting feedback for over TWO years about Assistant on my phone correcting "Shawn" to "Sean" every time.

Every. Single. Time.

Despite me over annunciating and watching it register as "Shawn".

Despite me having multiple Shawn's in my Google Contacts.

Despite me having a room called "Shawn's Room" in my Google Home.

Despite me having a Home Mini named "Shawn's Room Speaker" in my Google Home.

Despite me not even knowing anyone who spells it "Sean".

Despite me being less than 2% Irish.

Despite me submitting feedback countless times and manually editing the command countless times.

It still corrects it to "Sean".

Every. Single. Time.


Can AI figure this one out?



Community Member

I have some monster smart home led lights. In the monster smart home app it shows them as color changing lights and they can be color changed in the app. But in the google home app and with using the google assistant I am no longer able to change the color. When asking google to change the color of the lights she now says "actually the hot tub lights doesnt support that funcuntatilty. But they actually do lol. I have tried relinking the account and also asking the assistant to sync my devices but same results at this time

So much this. And who decided that "Actually" was a good way to start an error message? Like I'm the one who doesn't know what's going on and needs to be informed that asking for my lights to turn blue is an insane request. 

Ive been replying back with . "Actually it does, you just dont support that anymore apparently." Yeah a very frustrating way for them to word that error message.

Community Member

Please please please fix it where google will not control a lamp when I say light. We have had google and Alexa since day 1 (beta for alexa) and we have a lot of smart devices, plugs, switches fans/lights, contact and motion sensors, etc. 


In just about every room we have a wall switch for a light, fan, and a plug for a lamp. For example, the living room will have a living room fan, living room lamp, and a living room light (overhead light). When we ask google to turn on the living room light, the light and lamp is controlled, same when we want just the light off. This should not happen. I only asked for that specific device, but google is controlling all lights in the room. Alexa has always controlled these separately and I would like google todo the same. 
As it stands we are forced to use Alexa as it is more reliable and will control only the devices we ask. 

I get I could rename the devices, corner lamp, tall lamp, etc, but that just doesn’t fit or make sense for how we use it. 

I have also tried deleting rooms (and had them separate before rooms existed) but this issue has always been present with google. 

Community Member

I can't control color on any of my lights via voice command or the Google home app

Community Member

We have been using Google for our Feit color lights for 6 months.  Last Thursday the color function disappeared and now it says that it does not have the functionality to change color.  We can still change the color in the Feit app.  What is going on?

Community Member

"If you notice any changes with how the Assistant carries out your commands, we’d love to hear your feedback so that we can refine our models appropriately."  I have 1 homes, 1 mini and a TV.  They are all now demanding that I log in.  Looking up the issue, I was told to do a factory reset.  Did that.  The first thing it did, upon coming online, was demand that I log in. Don't even get me started on the help desk, unless you want to discuss the definition of "useless time waster".  So... I'd say this is a pretty big change in how the "Assistant" carries out my commands!  

Community Member

So we spend years learning the routines, and now they are all scrap and cannot set them up like before.


What a way to treat your customers

Community Member

Total rubbish, changing the way we did things means we dont have a clue what to do now

Community Member

When I ask Google Home to play MY Spotify playlist called "sleep":

  • Previously:  it played MY personally-created playlist called "sleep"
  • Now:  it plays THE official Spotify playlist called "sleep"

I want it to play MY playlist

Community Member

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Community Member

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Hi Kii,

Will the assistant now be smart enough to realize that after I've repeatedly interrupted her (10+ times by now) when she starts an "By the way, did you know..." rant after she's answered one of my queries by telling her "Hey Google, Shut up!" that maybe I am not interested in whatever else she can do that I did not explicitly ask of her?

If the new AI would help her be able to figure that out, that'd be super swell!



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Not sure what's going on. Half the time my google assistant does not work at all. It's works great for a day or two on my google tv. Then the tv assistant doesn't work or the phone. It will say getting there almost done. But ends up not working. Getting very frustrating I'll force stop uninstall updates. Works for a few days. Then doesn't again 

Community Member

When doing a voice command to turn on/off a light, no feedback is necessary or wanted (somebody may be asleep).  How about an option for that?  I see a locked thread on this in voice command.