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What’s your favorite part of the Public Preview so far?

New discussion incoming! Did you know that you can save devices, actions, and automations to your Favorites in the new Google Home app? These and other features are now available in the Public Preview. Read more about them in our blog: Request an inv...

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Motion sensor to trigger lights

looking for a motion sensor that will trigger lights for when my dog does his business in the backyard at night. Is there any options available ??I've looked - with no success Thank you in advance Joey

Music Commands using Spotify

How can I start a previously playing song after entering my auto and having BT connect with Spotify (Song initially paused? I have tried "Resume", "Continue Playing" . Is there a command to start a song that was not paused using Google automation. Ag...

JJConnon by Community Member
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Google Home? Wyze?

I was seeing if anyone else smart lights are coming on by itself. So, the past 6 months at exactly 2:08 p.m. all the lights in my house come on, even when someone in the house is napping. I don't know what's going on, I have deleted all routines for ...

jlock by Community Member
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button as a starter

It would be so good to have a button as a starter in a procedure. e.g. I could press a light button trice. Then it makes light, starts the coffee-machine and plays the news - just as an example...

Carsten by Community Member
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I could use seconds in a procedure. e.G. at the evening I star a procedure: Go To Bed. It starts a light where I walk for 10 secs, then the next and the next and so on. Only needed a short period.

Carsten by Community Member
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Away on vacation light timer

Trying to set up a routine that is day/time sensitive. Not having luck with the instructions on Google Home

Teemot by Community Member
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Resolved! Better Smartthings Integration

When is google going to have better integration with smartthings. With the migration from the nest app to the home app everything has lost its functionality.I think it would be a good move for google to allow smartthings to work with all the home dev...

Mujado by Community Member
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Google home cannot reach phillips hue.

Google home cannot reach phillips hue.This started today, 2021.12.15 afernoon. Before noon it was woring fine.Exactly same as sammywise wrote in here:

Grid connect and google home

Installed several Grid connect plugs and linked to google home all linking went well but now I have multiple plugs with the same operation showing up and then the next day not there at allhave tried deleting from google home but they continue to stay...