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Heads up: Philips Hue Change Impacting Scripted Automations!

Hey everyone,We wanted to keep you in the loop about some recent changes related to Philips Hue sensors that might impact your scripted automations. Philips Hue has updated their sensor device configuration to use the TemperatureSetting trait (previo...

Controlling an old house

I have read multiple scenarios but none completely apply to my situation. I have a very OLD home approximately 4000sq feet in size in cold climate Canada. It presently has a propane furnace and an oil furnace that heat 2000 sq each. Oil being the pri...

MatthewM1 by Community Member
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Can connect error in Google home app

Starting yesterday I've started receiving a can't connect error for the nest presence. I'm able to view my cameras and thermostats without any issue. I've uninstalled the Google Home app and confirmed it's not a Wi-Fi issue because it happens on both...

DenverOps by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest Thermostat for Boiler without standard thermostat

Hi,I have recently changed my Worcester Bosch Greenstar 38 CDI boiler to a Weissman 100 W one. ( Both combi boilers) The Worcester thermostat is not working with the new boiler. I am also keen to get a Smart Thermostat like Nest or Hive. Will I be ab...

Passward rwcover

I want to recover passward and email my phone has been lost 

Ajay7566 by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermos: Home Routines (or) Nest Program?

Hi all,I have 3 Nest Learning thermostats in my place. The learning feature is off, but I do use programming for them. The only problem with the internal programming is that you can't set up multiple programs ( ie. choose A when it's super cold ... u...

Lyphe416 by Community Member
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Automation time delay

Why is there no time delay in household routines. Why only in personal routines

Zeeburg by Community Member
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Resolved! Camera motion as a starter for automation

Why doesnt google support the different kind of camera motions as a starter for household automations, for example-motion in different kinds of zones with either recognized or unrecognized indiduals-package motion/animal motion etc

Zeeburg by Community Member
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Nest thermostat

I thought I had all features off on my thermostat and have temp set at 69, but if we are gone for a few hours we come home and the house is at 64 degrees, how do I correct this so it stays at 69?

ohtalker by Community Member
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