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Temp Triggeres for Routines

Community Member

Is it possible to start a routine based on the temperature in a room? Not a routine to change the thermostat but instead use the temperature data from a smart sensor to trigger an event.


Community Member

I have this same question too… when will Google come out with a solution to this.? Amazon has it now… Google home is no more the smartest as to be smart be able to have routines or actions based on sensor triggers are very important

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


@JacobD, @arundevidas, I'm afraid this feature is not available. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts with us and we're always looking for ways to improve. We'll take this as feedback and pass this information to our team. Let me know if I can assist you in anything else, otherwise I will be locking this thread in 24 hours.