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Water heater control

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I have a smart water heater (Rheem/Econet app) but when I synced it to my Google home app so that I can automate home/away features in my routines, it's not giving me the appropriate options.  Google home labeled it as a thermostat and only gives me the same options like my nest thermostat.  Instead of home and away and temp options for a water heater, it only shows off, fan, heat cool, etc.  I don't see anyway to change the type of device or get the correct options specific to the water heater.  Any tips or ideas to fix this would be appreciated. TIA! 


Community Member
  1. In the Google Home app, you can rename the device to something more appropriate, like "Water Heater" or "Rheem Water Heater." Renaming the device might help Google Home better understand its purpose.

  2. Check Device Settings in Rheem/Econet App: Make sure that your smart water heater is correctly configured and identified within the Rheem/Econet app. Check if there are any settings within the app that allow you to specify the device type or compatibility with Google Home.

  3. Google Assistant Commands: Instead of relying solely on the device options provided in the Google Home app, you can try using voice commands with Google Assistant to control your water heater. For example, you can say, "Hey Google, turn on the water heater" or "Hey Google, set the water heater to X degrees."

I have tried to command Google to say different things to Rheem econet/water heater. Nothing works. I even tried to unlink econet and then link it again. Any suggestion?