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Where Do Routines run OR what routines run on a Mini?

Community Member

So as I continue to explore the GHA eco-systems I still don't understand where the automation Routines run i.e. in the Clould (requiring an Internet connection), on my Android device (requiring an Internet connect if I'm not home), or can they run on a Mini in my home without an Internet connection?   So I buy a Mini put it on my network and now when I follow the prompts to run the Routine I see this:


     What "actions" or Routines can run on a Mini Speaker? I want to offload the  automation from my Android Phone to a device/hub that resides in my home and can insure my Routines run when I'm not home, on a plane, out of Internet connectivity.

About an hour after getting this Mini Online it started beeping.  I asked it why it was beeping and it said it didn't know why.  I looked for an alarm, alert, notification in GHA and couldn't figure out why it was making this noise so I unplugged it.   Any body recognize/know what these series of beeps mean?