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What’s the most frequently used automation in your home?

Hey Google Nest Community, Welcome to our first automation discussion! To kick things off, we’ll start simple: Tell us about the most-used home automation that you’ve set up. For example, do you have the lights turn on gradually in the morning to hel...


I have about 9 Nest Protects in my home. When we moved, the sticker on the back of one of them got scratched, and both the QR code and the Entry Key are illegible. The Serial #, however, is completely intact. I contacted Google Customer Support, hopi...

Nest door bell couldn't connect to wifi

I recently moved to the new house, the previous owner left the nest doorbell, camera and thermostat in the house.I first re-setup the doorbell, reboot the router and reset the doorbell, and then use my google home to connect the doorbell, google home...

KaiZ by Community Member
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Weird “new device added” notifications?

My wife and I have Google Home with a lot of various devices. However, she keeps getting notifications sent to her phone that read “new device added” … “my # added it to your home”.She’s getting these alerts when we’re definitely not adding devices. ...

Google nest camera

Anyone have any tips: I have a new wifi and my cameras wont connect. One camera says it is still with another account (but I removed all my devices from home and even tried to set up a new home). The other one just has unable to connect. Its super fr...

NatashaH by Community Member
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Past videos

So my gun was stole from my room and the cam ends on the 13th I need the tenth I do not have the subscription. Im wondering if I subscribe will it full in the missing videos

Nest IQ Outdoor Camera Out of Warranty Repair

Hi EveryoneCan someone recommend where I can get Out of Warranty Repair for a Nest IQ Outdoor Camera?I bought a camera from someone who had stripped the hex key hole after having lost the original key; I bought the camera hoping that I could find som...

brioquery by Community Member
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Garage door

I am looking for a product that will open and close a garage door using the Nest or Google home app.