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myQ garage door

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Would be nice to be able to say, okay Google, open garage door and or close garage door since I have myQ app and the garage door is on my home WiFi.


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ABSOLUTELY! This however may be MyQ needs to reach out to Google or and intigration app like SmartLife or something. Let's hope they do. Thanks for your post, I totally agree.

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Even when MyQ worked with Google Assistant using Conversational Actions, you could only ask it to close the garage door because of security issues (theoretically, a random person could shout into an open window to open the garage door and it would open). Since Actions are gone and MyQ hasn't gone through the trouble of using Work with Google integration like most other smart garage door openers, it's probably not going to work anytime soon.

You apparently can do it with an IFTTT integration, but I haven't tried it personally so I couldn't say how well it works, and I think even this solution is limited to closing, not opening.


They/MyQ have intigrated with Amazon's Ring security and camera systems and their Ring app. This allows Amazon deliveries to be delivered inside your garage if connect to their Ring app. Since Google Home and Amazon Ring are somewhat competing app ecosystems, that may be what could stand in the way, perhaps.

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I have MyQ connected to HomeAssistant which is then exposed to Google.  This allows me to check if the garage is open during bedtime routine, and close it with voice.  It's not the simplest solution, but I can confirm that it can be done.

Interesting. Thank you for the response. I did a quick search earlier this morning and saw that Home Assistant requires a paid subscription but Google Assistant can be done free of charge by some type of procedure. Please click URL below and confirm that this is the only way to integrate Google Home/Assistant and Home Assistant.


Can you recommend an easy/easier way of integrating the two?