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"Preferred TV" Not Working

Community Member

The "Preferred TV" feature is not working on our "Nest Hub Max". I have followed all the steps in the appropriate support article <>, but it will not work correctly. Whenever we tell the Max to "Launch Youtube" or "Launch Youtube Music", instead of the Max opening Youtube or Youtube Music, a Google TV (a Hisense U6H)---which is 2 rooms away away from the Max---opens up Youtube or Youtube Music.

Before recently introducing a Google TV TV set into our home (about a week ago), this was never an issue. We could always walk up to our Max and say, "Hey Google, launch Youtube" and Youtube would open on the Max. Now, it never works. Instead, the system always routes the output to the Google TV TV set.

Does anyone know how to fix this?  Or, if a user fix is not available, then please fix this bug.   (I have already tried rebooting the devices and resetting the "preferred tv" value, but none of those actions helped).