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10 Metre Cables bought from Google Shop

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Neither of the 10 Metre cables I bought work on any outlet or with any camera. The battery icon is still lit. When i replace with standard power lead it immediately goes out? Is there a problem with all 10m power cables?




What do you mean by "the battery icon is still lit"?

When you set up your battery camera in the Google Home app, I believe there was an option to select whether it was going to run on battery or be plugged in. Did you select that it was going to be plugged in? If not, it seems there is no way to change this setting except to remove the camera from the Google Home app and do a factory reset.

Are you plugging in the optional power cable with the cable feeding towards the front of the camera?

We've had a battery camera for 22 months, plugged in with the optional 10-meter power cable, and it's online all the time. If we go to Settings | Battery, it shows as "Plugged in" with an infinity symbol.

yes i did properly reset and yes i did set up plugged in but it still shows as running on battery. charges slowly, cuts in and out and doesn't display as  plugged in


That's strange, for both cables to be bad. Are they Google Nest cables?

What is the "battery icon" you referred to? I don't know what that is. Other customers in this forum have reported that, with the latest update to the Google Home app, when they visit their camera, it is automatically "Live" now, instead of showing the camera as "Idle".

The only other thing I can suggest is to make sure the plug is seated snugly in the bottom of the camera. I've seen a few posts from other customers reporting they had trouble getting a good connection.

If you want to contact Support, you can use the link and instructions in this post:

just reset once more. switched power on and off. hey presto it now has no bat icon and says it's plugged in. whew. thx for the time and effort. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello garno,

I'm glad to hear that your 10-meter weatherproof cable is working. As we got our resolution here, I'm going to mark this one as resolved. Please feel free to open up a new thread if you need assistance.

I appreciate the help, @MplsCustomer.