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Google Home Mini Character Alarm Features Aren’t Working

Community Member

I’m not sure if I on the right forum to ask this, but I might as well give it a shot.

I’ve been using the character alarm feature on my google home mini (2nd gen) ever since I’ve learned about it. I would always ask my google to set an alarm for 7:30 pm with Leonardo or something like that and it would always work. Up until now, I would ask my google the exact same phrase and the only response I get is “okay when is the alarm for?” then that same phrase would repeat over again if I were to give it directions for my alarm. If I said just the time, my google would set a regular alarm, which is not what I’m looking for. I’ve done a factory reset, disabled digital wellbeing, and even unplugged my google for hours. I’m not sure if this feature was disabled or if my google is just broken haha, but I would love some help to get this issue fixed!


Community Member

Hey did you ever get this resolved I just got mine and it work for a few night now doing what you're saying.

Nope! Still waiting for any responses lol, but sorry to hear that your having the same problem as me. 

Community Member

I am so sad, this is how I always wake up with Donatello 😞

Just Donatello?  I USE ALL OF THEM!!!

Community Member

Hey!! This has happened to me too last night! I usually try to set an alarm with Raphael-- but it kept saying the same thing to me, too. ("When's the alarm for.") I did the factory reset for my Google Home as well and didn't fix anything, I checked if my Google Home Mini was understanding me well... (it was)

I tried again this morning to see if it was a simple time problem thing or something along those lines, but it's done the same thing again. I really hope they can fix it because it's a shame otherwise. I love those character alarms!!