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Google nest mini setup code purpose

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Hello everyone!


  • I wanted to bring somebody's attention that when I set up my Google nest mini, I didn't have any problems.  Then one day, we had a power outage and the mini got disconnected somehow. I went back through the setup and set it all up.
  • Then today It's off again!Before I began setup I looked at bottom and faintly at the very bottom near the plug is a setup code.  but never was I asked to give a set up code during set up any time I've set the GNM up. I'm wondering, would set up have been so much easier if I logged in and it said "
  • "Welcome to Google Nest Mini please enter the code on the bottom of your device". 
  • 💥 BOOM!!
  •   You're  all set to go.
  • YEAH?  LOL
  • Is there somewhere like that?
  • if there's not - there really should be?!
  • Would be a hell of a lot easier, don't you think?
  • Thank you for your time.
  • I hope this issues already been covered and I just couldn't find it. Have a good day and I hope I remember to come back and look at the answers.( if anybody bothers to answer. Usually no one ever answers) So we shall see what happens👍
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  • @linkstomembers


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So sorry for the typos. No excuses. No idea how to edit and God forbid I edit before I hit send. It's like lava. I just can't edit.. sigh. Love me or hate me we don't care. ✌️ Toodles

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Community Specialist

Hey there,


Thank you for your feature request! We’re always looking for ways to improve, and appreciate your feedback. You can send it at any time using your devices by saying, "Hey Google, send feedback," or by following the steps found here. This thread will be open for another 24 hours for any follow-up questions or concerns. 

Best regards,