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I'm so confused...

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I bought the camera and installed it in my mom's nursing home room.  I can use Google Home to see the videos, but can't save them.  How do you do that?

Then I bought Nest Aware - all the old video's disappeared!  How do I get them back, and how do I see the camera on Nest Aware?  Do I have to readd it? (I'm not at the nursing home!)


So - is there a way to transfer the camera from Home to Aware?  Do I need aware to be able to download videos?  Can I download videos on my phone and/or computer?  If not - why do I even have this




I'm just another customer, but it looks like you have several questions, and I can't tell exactly what's happened in your case. So here are a few comments.

First, a Nest Aware subscription applies to all of the cameras in one "home" in the Google Home app.

Second, Nest Aware is a paid service; it does not replace the Google Home App or the Google Nest app, but works within them.

Third, when you buy a new camera, you get a free, 30-day trial subscription to Nest Aware. If it expires BEFORE you buy a Nest Aware subscription, you would lose your video history and would start over from when you bought your subscription.

Fourth, if you have Nest Aware, you can download video clips. If you have one of the newer Google Nest cameras that were released starting in the fall of 2021--the ones that work ONLY in the Google Home app and NOT in the Google Nest app--then you can only access video history from a phone or other mobile device and NOT from a computer.

Here's some background info:

This Google Nest Help page below lists what Google Nest says you get without a subscription ("Free Tier") for each camera and with each level of subscription for each camera.

In either the Google Home app or the Google Nest app, you can check your Nest Aware subscription level by selecting Settings | Nest Aware.

Hope this helps a little.

Thank you,, That clears up a lot. 

I have only one camera, purchased January 2022.  So if I understand right - I don't really need Nest Aware?  And I can access it from Google Home on my phone, but see no way to download.   Can I download the videos?


I'm not sure what camera you have. If you have the newer Nest Cam (wired) and you do NOT have a Nest Aware subscription, you are supposed to get video history for "up to 3 hours of event video history". It seems this actually means you have access to events that occurred within the last 3 hours.

We have a Nest Aware subscription, so I don't know EXACTLY how you download without a subscription. The instructions on the Google Nest Help page below say you should be able to download by opening the Google Home app, selecting the camera, selecting "History" at the bottom of the screen, and scrolling to an event n your camera's video history timeline, but I don't know how this works without a subscription because you won't have a full timeline. You're also supposed to select "Full History" for a list of events, and then choose the event you want, and then select "Event details", and then click on the Download icon near the top of the screen.

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