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Nest cam not recording full/entire/whole events

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I have a few of the nest floodlights and they cut the video recording off right in the middle of the event (like a person walking across the screen or a car driving by). I have the  maximum event record duration set to the max already. But it's cutting it off almost immediately, not even close to the maximum record length. 

Example, person walk into the frame and takes 4 steps and is in now in the middle of the frame, google event cuts off and stops recoding right as the person is in the middle of the frame (less than 5 seconds of record history).

I really wanted the ability to record 24/7, I had no idea before I bought this "top of the line" security system that it couldn't even record 24/7. And now they are restricting the length of the event recordings to be as short as possible. whyyy? please fix.  I want my event's to be extra long. I want all of it captured and saved. That's why I paid all this money and why I continue to pay each month for the subscription. 



I’m not home app Go into Camera settings. With hidden camera settings says recording, check to see how long the duration is set for. You might have it set for only 30 seconds. Try that first

I had addressed that in the original post:
"I have the maximum event record duration set to the max already".
The thing literally stops recording 10 seconds into the event I have set to alert to (people) and it just stops recoding 10 seconds in right as the person in in the middle of the frame. Makes no sense. 

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Community Specialist

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I am sorry folks, but this is not something that I can assist you with here in the forums as we do not have any access to your subscriptions or anything like that. I can suggest that you restart your device, make sure that your settings are correct, which they look like they probably are based off of what you said, and this could just be an issue with your device. I would suggest you reach out to support for further assistance. 


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Disclaimer: apologies if you were aware & no intent to insult intelligence...

1st thing that comes to mind is your internet bandwidth & upload & res...

+ that bandwidth riding a data cap × video Recording to cloud selection with preferred activity zones (*this reacts, up/down loads separate & differently while in live stream)

  and the monthly GB required for the device to operate based on low/med/high preference. 

-And none of this is factoring in all the other devices  trying to suck your internet dry-

My suggestion is to reduce notifications for the zones, use home/away/assist, and lower bandwidth. Anything recorded can be clipped and downloaded on desktop and more importantly,  the image quality is HELLA better, more options, beastly zoom and 80% more pixel/hz.