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Intermittent beep ?


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The Nest Protect shouldn't beep intermittently.  It will chirp continuously once the battery is almost exhausted.

From the online support documentation as of this writing:

How to tell when Protect needs new batteries

When the batteries are getting low: 

  • The Nest app will notify you.
  • Protect’s light ring will pulse yellow when you turn off the lights at night. 
  • You’ll get a message during Nightly Promise.
  • When the batteries are very low, your Protect will chirp until the batteries are replaced.

You can also check the battery life of your Protect at any time.

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Most likely it's a low battery issue. Assuming it's a battery only not hardwired protect.  I had the same thing happen when 1 of the 6 batteries went bad.  It skipped all the other warnings and went straight to the chirping.  

You can test the batteries with a battery tester or multi-meter, but for a safety device it's usually a good idea to just buy 6 new energizer lithium AA batteries and replace them all.