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2 stage heating do not work

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I got Rheem 2 stage system installed 3 days ago. Unfortunately my furnace only turn on heat stage 2 and off. I dont see system operating in stage 1 at all. I run nest system checks and seems everything is ok so I am not sure how to activate stage 1 or why it is not properly working? Can someone help me please.



Sounds like your installer might have the Nest mis-wired. If you look in the Equipment menu on the Nest do you see connections for Heat and Heat2 on the display?  If you pull the Nest off it's backing, do you see wires connected to W1 and W2?  Perhaps your installer cross-wired W1 and W2.  So when the Nest calls for Stage1 but the wire connected to W1 is actually for Stage2.  You could verify this by looking inside the furnace door where the thermostat connects and check the wire colors for W1 and W2 and then see that the same colors go to W1 and W2 on the Nest.  My 2 stage system looks like the below.  


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Mine is connected as below


Y1 - cool 

G - fan


w1 heat

w2 aux - heat 2 

C - 24v common

RH - power



Well, so far, so good.  My 2-stage system is the same.  If you call up the Equipment screens on the Nest, does it recognize the connections and then on the next screen does it show Heating and Heating Stage 2?

The last resort will be to compare the wire colors to W1 and W2 to be sure they match up to the same terminals on the furnace.

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Hello, did you ever get your Nest working with both stages? I just installed a new Nest Learning and I'm having the same issue. Thank you