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Can I have my nest thermost use the average temperature from my sensors instead of having to pick?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

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Original Poster: Kyle Vernest 

Temperates fluctuate in the rooms, and I thought the nest sensors would help me by being able to average the temperatures. But I only seem to be able to pick one. Is Nest looking to add an averaging feature?


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If this feature is not available for Nest, then it is badly needed.  Can someone from Google Nest replay please to let us know WHEN this feature will be available.  It is only a software update.  Other companies/products have been doing this for years.

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I agree with Brediers - would love to get a reliable response from someone at Google Nest.

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Has google responded on this thread yet. There does need to be a feature to run the thermostat to the average of the thermostat and sensors, and not just to select which sensor to use. There really isn't a point to the sensors without this feature.

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The thermostat reads 63, but the living room is 55. Without the average temperature of the two Nest is actually wasting energy. And since they have never replied to this before it's exactly what I've come to expect from Google, buy a shiny object, take out all the nuance and configurability, and replace it with a single light... If even that. 

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I agree. I'd like to place a temperature sensor in each bedroom at night and average the temperatures. Seems like this would make a lot of sense for everyone's comfort sleeping. I read the ecobee can do this so why can't Nest compete?

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I've got two dwellings that share the same hot water radiant system.  I thought Nest would be able to calculate and adjust to the average temperature the way the their competitor Ecobee can.  Seems an app software update could handle this.  While the coder's at it, an option to set a minimum temperature per all sensors would be a popular feature too, me thinks.  A response from Google Nest in this thread would be appreciated.

After all the recent tech cullings I'm just amazed that any of this stuff still works. I'm sorry google, I won't expect you to understand, but sometimes your lack of response looks like you don't care about the quality of your work. And it's tacky. 

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This is just one of many threads requesting this feature. Not sure why it is perceived as an edge case, as it is perfectly normal for users to move around a multi room home and expect a balanced temperature, especially if their thermostat has multiple sensors. It is a serious limitation to have to create a schedule for when each room is used in order for the thermostat to consider it. Sure averaging is not a perfect solution, but it is such a basic feature that I was shocked to find out Nest doesn't support it. And given that the thermostat knows the temperature of each sensor I cannot comprehend why it cannot calculate the average. I would have expected some more advanced options (minimum, maximum, variance etc.) but nothing at all? I bought my home with the thermostat installed and I like the Google Home integration, but this missing feature really bothers me.

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Hey Nest team, can you guys see if averaging is possible? Thanks. 

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It is a shame for google not providing this straightforward feature after so many years. I will not consider google handwear products in future.

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I've had a nest thermostat since 2017 and have been requesting this feature every year. ig Google doesn't have the budget for such advanced features like doing basic math..