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Can't get key from thermostat

Community Member

Until lately I had remote control of thermostat via a phone that is now defunct.When I try to get a key for my new phone I can't get past "this thermostat is connected to an account." How to proceed? Thanks for any advice.


Community Member

Having the exact same issue. Will be following this. 

Community Member

We recently bought a house with two 3rd gen Nest thermostats.  But when I want to use the Nest app and add them to our Google Home, I get the same error: "This thermostat is connected to an account".

For me, the solution was to go to Settings, turn to the last circle "Reset",  select "Account Connection" and confirm.  Then you can add it using the Nest app (not Google Home; it pretends to know about nest, but malfunctions).  After you set up the thermostats in Nest, they show up in your Google Home.