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Nest Thermostats

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Heat link

Nest heat ver3 link has died seems to be common fault 17 months old

Reid2505 by Community Member
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Repeated lost WiFi connection

I have two Nest WiFi thermostat in my home. One has repeatedly starting disconnecting from my home WiFi network. It is obviously not my WiFi network as the other thermostat works fine. If I reboot the thermostat or reconnect to WiFi it connects for s...

Nadiqbal by Community Member
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Delete multiple (thousands) messages from Nest App?

I had the power to a houseful of wired Nest Protects go out while I was away. I was gone for 3-4 days, and each of the 4 Protects sent a message every. single. minute. Now my app has thousands of useless messages and I'm having to delete each of them...

I can’t adjust my thermostat from the app Anymore

I can’t adjust my thermostat from the app Anymore. Worked fine for about a year. Tried all the suggestions like resetting it, rebooting router. My only choices on the app or online is to switch home or away.

BigMFg by Community Member
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Resolved! Help with Nest power connector wiring

Where does the"C" wire connector connect? There is no obvious C wire My understanding is that C1 and C2 (black and wires) are unrelated.    

16417631462432637868905397368700.jpg 16417637591444384958365497358588.jpg 16417637929623314210812015993524.jpg
wmkay0 by Community Member
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Nest access

My Nest keeps adding temperatures to the schedule after I’ve set it. It seems someone else can access my Nest

Agregor by Community Member
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Is my hvac compatible with my Nest thermostat?

Need help determining if Nest thermostat is compatible with my hvacs. I have three split through the condo built in 1979. One was setup with Thermostat before we bought it. Before I have someone come in to install Nest for all three, I want to make s...

Nest switching primary sensor after manually setting it

Background:I have a Nest Thermostat and three sensors (office, bedroom, basement). During the week, my midday sensor is the office, but during the weekends, I set manually set it to the basement, since that's where my TV and PC are. I've noticed that...

DWin1024 by Community Member
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