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Dead Heatlink and emergency mode not working

Community Member

Have a Heatlink that’s died and been on chat with google to sort a replacement. That’s booked in. 

However we have no heating. 

Google sent me instructions to manually override and plug in a USB charger into the Heatlink, but no joy. I get the green lights but nothing happening on the boiler. 

Any idea why this emergency mode isn’t working? Pretty desperate as it’s a freezing cold night and weekend coming, and have three young children under 10, and no heating whatsoever until the Boxt service guys arrive Monday. 



Community Member

For reference, these are the instructions. Followed them but the boiler isn’t coming in and providing heating. 

IMPORTANT: In the meantime, if you need emergency heating or hot water.

Turn off the electricity

Remove the Heat Link cover

There is a USB port inside, for emergency purposes.

Plug the USB charger there.

Turn the power on from the main circuit.

Wait until Heat Link boots

Push the button in the middle to switch it from auto to manual.

Turn on your boiler manually.

While using this emergency solution, you cannot control your devices with that thermostat until the Boxt installers replace and install a new Heat Link.