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Downstairs heatlink no lights on

Community Member

Just noticed that our downstairs heatlink has no lights on it. The heatlink for the one upstairs is working fine. I’ve turn the power off and back on and had our friend who an electrician to check there is power getting to it, there is.

  • Does anything happen if you press its button for 30 seconds?   Nothing
  • In some cases the boiler will have an additional isolation switch which can turn off the power to both the Heat Link and the boiler. Can you try switching that off/on again to see if anything changes?  Done – no change
  • Make sure the breakers are on or the fuse board hasn't tripped.  Reset everything – No Change
  1. How often do you experience the issue?  Had the same issue last year with the upstairs one
  2. How long has your thermostat been installed for?  2020
  3. What colour is the Heat Link LED?  No Lights
  4. What is showing on the Nest thermostat display?  H72
  5. Have you had any power cuts recently?  No
  6. Have you had any work done on your electrical or heating systems recently?  No
  7. How many zones are present in the setup?  Two. Other one is working fine.
  8. Is there power present to your boiler?  Yes