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Nest Thermostats

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Heat link dead

Please help. My heat link appears to have died. No lights, won’t reset. Electrician confirms 240v supply present. 1 month out of warranty! Unable to heat house/family. Please advise how I can source a replacement unit?

dh1 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat not connecting to google home app

I recently got a google doorbell and got it up and running with no issues.I now bought a google thermostat and google wired camera. Neither will connect to my google home app - it does not detect them and I have tried several times. I have tried brin...

Nest Thermostat won't respond to Google Home commands

Our Nest thermostat is working just fine manually as well as with the Nest App. However, when we give the Google assistant a command to change the temperature, etc., it responds with "Hallway (the room it is located in) doesn't support that functiona...

Heatlink - no power again

My Heatlink has just lost power. I had the same issue last year and struggled to source a replacement but managed to get one via EBay (Ithink). Have tried the normal reset options with no success. The Heatlink is less than 1 year old - how helpful is...

AlanM by Community Member
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Nest thermostat not picking up any network

HiWe had our nest installed about a month ago. Our Wi-Fi was switched off briefly last night (instead of the Christmas lights). Everything else has reconnected it our downstairs thermostat will now not pick up any work signal at all. We’ve worked thr...

IzWin by Community Member
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