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Nest Thermostats

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Old Mistral oil boiler! Configuration question

Hi everyoneI've just had someone in to fit my Nest to an old Mistral oil boiler. It's working (sort of) but not in the way I expected.The boiler is very basic, with an on/off switch for the heating pump and an on/off switch for the water. However, du...

Take long time to heat up

I have 2 zones in my house. I just installed yesterday two of nest learning thermostat ( one in each zone). One of them working properly and got the required temperature in very short time but the other one takes a very long time ( more than 10 hours...

Unexplained HW switching

My nest thermostat and app control both CH and HW. I do not use the automatic ‘away’ detection feature. When I go away I use the app to switch the CH to eco and turn the HW off. Before I return I switch the CH back to its normal schedule and temperat...

JohnAbram by Community Member
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In search of assistance

How can I get someone to add a c wire to my thermostat? I’ve researched and it seems my system is draining the thermostat battery.

Remote sensor inaccurate

When one remote sensor was being used, the heat seemed to turn on more than should be needed. I moved that sensor to sit right next to the thermostat. It consistently reads 2-3 degrees colder than the thermostat. This makes it hard to program a sched...

rms85 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat compatibility

Hi,i bought a nest learning thermostat (3rd generation) to replace my existing Honeywell wifi thermostat. I installed it but it seems it is not working ( it is only blowing cool air instead of heating up). I spent several hours with the nest product ...

Honeywell Thermostat wireing.jpg 2022-01-29 13.06.50.jpg
tridut by Community Member
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Trying to maintain a steady temperature at all times

I got the thermostat for my mother's house so that I could help form my phone (from afar) when she has issues with the thermostat. All I want is to maintain her home at 74 degrees - always. That is the temperature she is comfortable with. But the Nes...

Nest app flips heat pump from air to heat

Two of my three nest therms work fine. One nest therm causes my heat pump to flip from cool to heat but only when it is connected to the nest app. My guess is that it is a wiring problem with my heat pump but I’m not sure. My HVAC guy just told me to...

LarryH by Community Member
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How do I disconnect the thermostat from my account?