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Energy reading on Google Hubs and Google Home app

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In the UK one of the most popular ways to monitor energy consumption is through a Smart Meter, these use a In Home Display (IHD). These IHDs do have Wi-Fi connectivity so its possible to view these readings in the Google Home app (GHA) or the Google Hubs (GH).

Users with a smart thermostat can view their energy data from their boiler however users with smart plugs with energy monitoring cannot view that data in the GHA or GH, it would be best to have a new energy consumption button where users will be shown graphs of their electricity and gas consumption. These can be circles showing the unit of measurement then a slash with the total costs. e,g. 4kw/£61.

It would be in the user’s best interest if Google Nest implemented a way to view the consumption of electricity and gas as there are smart meters that are available to measure these already all that Google Nest needs to do is to create the energy consumption button in which users will be able to view consumption. SmartThings is able to do this already however with the Nest Hubs and other hubs that work with Google Home already on the market it would be amazing if this was to be implemented into the platform. 


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Yes, very relevant indeed. It would instantly make the Google ecosystem more valuable.

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This feature would be brilliant and would build on the good work Google did do in the area some years ago

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Its feasible as there are APIs out there that can get the data directly via the smart meter.

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Why is Google Nest Hub is kinda behind of doing the smart ways to monitor energy consumption where other smart is already doing. If this would be added, this would definitely increase of becoming the most likeable product which necessitates sales. More costumers would see this as a necessary gadget at home.