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Failures in Nest 3rd Base Plates

Community Member

I have 5 Nests installed.  All have common connection (from the AC side).  I had to buy 2 spare units and replace 2 base plates due to a failure that starts as a chatter in one heating circuit (W1 and W2, both chater but not at the same time, all at random). 3rd gen.  The last replacement lasted 2 months before chattering started.

Google support was great this week and a new base is on the way.  But as I can not leave without heat, I had to go to Lowe's and buy a new spare Nest even though I have two perfectly good "heads".  I makes not sense that one can not buy the bases separately.

I have had other zones chatter with increasing frequency.  These thermostats are out of warranty.  I am willing to pay for spare bases but can not find these.

Any advice?