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Fan not working

Community Member

Nest thermostat been working fine for two and a half years.  Fan is not coming in for heat, cool or manually turning fan on.


rebooted - still not working

did a factory rest and reinstalled - still not working

called HVAC tech.  He said it’s the Nest thermostat as we disconnected and put on basic thermostat and it came right on

Checked all wiring with HVAC tech and all functioning properly 


please help


Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

It is probably out of warranty. You proved the system works with a std tstat.

Most gas and electric utility companies have an online marketplace and sell the nest with substantial discounts.

Houptee -- NJ Master HVAC Licensed Contractor

Thanks Houptee for the response.

checked my utility company and same price as nest website.

very disappointed that a $200 thermostat only lasted 2.5 years.  It’s supposed to help save money on bills not need replacing after a few years.

Nest support team - anything you all can do?  Would t you want to know why the thermostat just stopped controlling the fan after 2.5 years?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there,


Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry for the delay. I know it's been a while now. If your fan works perfectly after installing your old thermostat, your Nest Thermostat fan (G) terminal might be the one at fault. I suggest checking this link to see if there's any promotion for Nest Thermostats. 


I appreciate your help, @Houptee.




Community Member

I have the same experience. Everything with Nest worked fine for years. Then last week the Nest just stopped activating the fan. We hooked up a regular manual thermostat and everything works fine. There is proper voltage to activate the fan. Seems like planned obsolescence...