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Feature to avoid electricity peek hours

Community Member

I'm on a program with my electricity provider where my electricity is billet at 80% most of the time but for some periods during the winter I'll be billed 400% of the base rate.  They are informing us 24h in advance. Those period are usually 600-900am and 500-800pm. 

A feature to activate temporary a different schedule where I would be able to heat the house above normal before the high rate, reduce below normal during the peek period to avoid the system heating and returning to normal after the peek would be a nice saving.

 Switching between to schedule would do this trick or even better a quick "avoid peek' hours would be even better.  And why not having some AI to automatically bring the best confort temperature while avoiding the peek hours?

I would be willing to pay for such feature as it will save time and money at the end.  

Is that exists? 


Community Member

Sounds like one of the 2 Hydro-Quebec programs. I didn’t see any such mode, and only see a manual programming intervention to do this (early set point, drop in set point at the beginning of the saving period, return to higher set point at the end of the period, but not too early to prevent pre-heating before the period end). I’ve tried this - but honestly, “cheating” on my EV recharge during the night beats anything else :). 

Community Member

I agree. My EV is also benefiting from this for many years